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Summer Lawn Care with a Magic Formula

Summer is an important time to look after your lawn. During this season there can be extensive growth not just of your grass but also of weeds. Over-mowing, neglect and bald patches are just some of the problems your lawn may have.

We’ll care for your lawn with our bespoke treatment and give your lawn a lovely summer ‘green-up’ and tackle those lawn problems

Summer lawn care is for you, if you want to:

  • Bring your summer lawn back to life and enjoy it
  • Get a lush looking lawn in less than two weeks again, without any effort on your part!
Summer Lawn Care

Our Summer Lawn Care Service

Greenfeet experts will do a thorough analysis of your lawn and identify any problems that need to be tackled on your summer lawn such as:

  • Bald patches
  • Burnt areas
  • Infestation of weeds like creeping buttercups, leather jackets or red thread
  • The effects of neglect

If you’re strapped for time or have mistakenly applied the wrong product or mowed the lawn too tightly the neglect signs may be there.

Luckily, fixing lawns and maintaining lawns is what we love to do.

The Greenfeet Summer Lawn Care service is part of the All Year Round Lawn Care package we offer to tackle and treat your lawn. Greenfeet experts will:

  • Put down our own specially designed Summer feed – a 100% slow release giving your grass a healthy green colour and encouraging growth
  • Identify the specific weed types on your lawn e.g. creeping weeds such as buttercup and speedwell or broad leaf weeds such as daisy, dandelion or dock.
  • Treat with weed control. Weeds can go into overdrive in the summer growth season. We spray each particular weed type with a selective herbicide
  • We can also tackle specific problems for your lawn and plan for their solution.

Our very own Summer Lawn Care Feed

Through its extensive experience of treating and maintaining lawns, Greenfeet has developed its very own lawn feeds for each season specific to the Irish temperature and weather.

Our magical Summer formula works within two weeks. It really is lawn luxury and is not available to buy in the shops.

Nutrients are slowly released into your lawn guided by the temperature and moisture in the soil. This slow release reduces the scorch risk common to quick release fertilisers giving you better root growth and a healthier grass plant.

Contact us now by email or give us a ring using our Lo Call number 1890 252 778 if your lawn is in need of Summer Lawn Care. We’re here and waiting to get and keep your lawn looking great.