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Greenfeet Lawncare Limited - Our Terms and Conditions

By engaging Greenfeet to carry out work on my behalf I accept and acknowledge the following:

1. Works carried out by Greenfeet are to be paid by direct debit, cheque or cash on the day the service is provided.

2. It may take 7 to 14 days after product has been applied before any significant lawn improvement is noticeable.

3. Weather conditions may affect uptake of product particularly in dry conditions, therefore the lawn may need to be watered to improve conditions and response.

4. Pets and animals must be kept off the lawn area for up to 12 to 24 hours after spraying of selective herbicide.

5. Neither Greenfeet Ltd nor any of its franchisees will be held liable for any harm to pets or animals howsoever arising.

6. Neither Greenfeet Ltd nor any of its franchisees will be held liable for any damage caused to a customer’s property howsoever arising.

7. Please note that as grass is a living plant it may, from time to time, suffer outbreak of disease or encounter pest problems, as a result patches may appear. These problems can be identified and advised upon during your representative’s next visit.

8. Greenfeet customers are serviced on a loop basis so easy access to your property is essential on your scheduled treatment day as we may not be back in your area for up to 8 to 12 weeks.

9. We will endeavour to provide you with sufficient notice of your next scheduled visit and as such a text message will be normally sent to you 3 to 5 days in advance of your next scheduled treatment and a reminder text message will be sent the day prior to the visit.

10. An initial visit and consultation is free of charge, however any callout aside from agreed treatments there will be a callout charge invoiced.

11. Methods of payment

Option 1: 10 Month Plan (By Standing Order).Please click here to download our standing order form.

Option 2: 50/50 Plan (By Cheque/Bank transfer) based on lawns up to € 300 in value
50% of total amount in spring & in 50 % in Autumn

Option 3: Pay as you go (By Cheque/Bank transfer) based on lawns € 300 in value and above

Pay on the day of treatment or within 7 days

12. Payment relates only to quotations. Any additional work not included in the quotation such as seeding small patches etc will incur an additional charge.

13. Cancellations: If after 48hrs before your allotted time we have received no response to your notification your allotted time will be considered cancelled. An alternative time will be offered at a later date but it may be up to 4 weeks before we are back in your area again.

14. Late Cancelations: Occasionally late in the day customers have to cancel their allotted time due to unforeseen circumstances. It is standard policy to offer cancelled times to other customers at short notice.

15. Late Arrivals: The best laid plans can sometimes go wrong. If we are behind on our daily schedule we will keep you updated as quick as we can.

16. Concerns: If you have any concerns about your lawn please highlight them to us when you are confirming your allocated time. This will ensure we will be able to deal with your concerns efficiently when we are on site.

17. Scarifying: Before we scarify we ask you to cut your lawn tighter than normal. It is essential to ensure the lawn is kept wet for the first two weeks after scarifying to speed up recovery. It can take up to 12 weeks to for a lawn to recover after scarifying. Sometimes small areas may need to be re treated.