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Turf and Sod - Greenfeet Lawn Care

Are you looking to lay a new lawn or to replace your existing one? Then Greenfeet has the quality turf you need.

At Greenfeet Lawn Care we offer two sod and turf options:

  • Premium Range - Premium Fescue Rye Sod/Grass
  • Platinum Range - 100% Fescue Grass

The Premium Fescue Rye Sod/Grass is a hard wearing grass with clean pedigree. This is often used for inland golf courses and makes a great turf for a standard lawn within a budget.

The Platinum 100% Fescue Grass is top of the range. It’s an ornamental grass that needs a bit more maintenance. It’s often used for links golf courses and gives a lovely finish to your lawn.

All sods provided by Greenfeet are matured to the highest specification using our high spec seed cultivars used in all Greenfeet mixes. The purity and quality of the seed means that the turf has far less weed contamination than generic sods you might buy elsewhere.

The Greenfeet Sod Farm

Our Sod is grown in the beautiful rolling landscape of Co. Laois in the heart of the Irish midlands. Greenfeet professionals tend and nurture the sod on a daily basis from seed into a luscious mature grass plant.

The seeds we use are certified. This is important for your lawn because the high quality of the seed and its source ensures less weed contamination which is a high priority for all our customers and a matter of pride for our expert grass growers.

You can be assured of a luscious mature plant tended at every step of the way.

And when you purchase Greenfeet sod you can be assured that the Greenfeet professionals will continue to take care of the sod on your lawn through the Greenfeet Lawn Care service, providing you with peace of mind and saving you money.

We supply sod and turf for:

  • Domestic households including new lawns or renovated lawns
  • Sports Fields
  • Golf courses

For further information and to request an evaluation and quotation, call the team on 1890 252 778, drop us a mail at or fill out our free lawn, sod and turf appointment form.