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Winter Lawn Care for a stronger lawn

Winter is tough on lawns, and many people forget about the tender loving care their lawn needs during the cold winter months.

Treating your lawn to some Winter Lawn Care will:

  • Help you Enjoy a green lawn throughout the winter
  • Make sure your lawn’s in great shape for the following spring
  • Help it stand up to the cold, rain and snow that winter will throw at it all without the need to step outside!

Does your lawn look like this?

  • Mossy
  • Covered in leaves
  • Sad and tired

Our Winter lawn treatment will give your grass all the tender loving care it needs. Taking care of your lawn during the winter months will give you a great base to start from the following spring. Check out what Greenfeet will do.

Our Winter Lawn Care

Greenfeet experts will:

  • Treat your lawn with Winter Feed with an added moss killer.
  • Spray independently for any moss that may have crept through

Winter is one of the most important times for your garden

Many people think the grass has just slowed down and doesn’t need the feed. But moss creeps in when the grass leaf is weakened. Treating and caring for your lawn in Winter makes the grass more competitive and able to tackle the moss. The spray builds carbohydrate levels in the grass so when the Spring comes you have a healthy plant.

Our Winter Lawn Care Feed

  • We will treat your lawn with our own Greenfeet Winter Lawn feed. The feed is especially designed for the Irish conditions of weather, soil and season.
  • Our slow release feed will feed your neglected Winter lawn making the plant strong and healthy to stave off the harsh Winter giving you a healthier grass plant for the Spring.

To get your lawn Winter ready contact us today.

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